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I’m a science presenter based in the UK and working all over the world on science based videos and stage shows. I originally qualified with a degree in Physics from Imperial College London and still help with engagement there as an Honorary Outreach Lecturer.

Alongside presenting, I also teach science communication for researchers and offer training in scientific thinking and decision making in the corporate world. I also work in education, specialising in improving interest in science, through Science Theatre.

My Work

My work is a mix of science presenting, theatre and educational projects. Have a look through a selection of my more recent work below or take a look at the training I offer.

Connect Physics

Commissioned by the South East Physics Network (SepNET), Connect Physics is a series of workshops designed to answer the questions: ‘What is Physics?’, ‘Why study Physics?’ and ‘How is Physics done?’.

Science / Mystery

Science/Mystery is a one-man stage show of science and psychology, exploring what we know about the universe.

Tabletop Science

Tabletop Science is an unusual idea for science and technology themed corporate entertainment.

Science Theatre

Theatre-based science shows for festivals and schools.

Anturus Iceland

Anturus Iceland was a ten-day film-making expedition to the southern coast of Iceland to share the science of the land, climate and culture there.


PowerUp is an interactive science and gaming show where the audience control the outcome.


I'm an experienced presenter on stage but am also used to talking science on camera. I've presented videos for Anturus - the adventure education company - on volcanoes, mountains and glaciers.

On the side, I make some videos for YouTube and produce motion graphics to better explain science.



Energy Use of YouTube

Having seen the now famous statistic that Bitcoin has roughly the same energy use as Argentina, I wondered how YouTube stacks up. So here’s a really rough calculation. YouTube serves up around one billion hours of video content every day ( so that works out to 60 billion minutes watched per day. According to Henry […]

New Website!

I’m not much of a blog writer, so as much as I hate my first post to be a ‘new website’ one, I figure it’s probably best to have something here or leave this nice News section empty…

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