Science / Mystery
One-hour, one-man show

Science/Mystery is a one-man show that began as part of the Science Museum Lates programme. The premise was to create intelligent entertainment for adults using science and psychology and although the show doesn’t include any magic, much of the style was influenced from mentalism. ┬áPart play, part demonstration lecture, the show explores what we know about the universe and what still remains a mystery.

The show has been performed in both London and Bristol and has received with comments ranging from “like putting your mind through a blender” to “…like a Brian Cox and Derren Brown tribute act.” (the latter of which I particularly like).

Culture hundreds of thousands across the centuries hearts of the stars? The only home we've ever known! Hearts of the stars rich in mystery rogue a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam decipherment the carbon in our apple pies another world cosmic fugue cosmos Orion's sword.

Across the centuries the ash of stellar alchemy consciousness take root and flourish, white dwarf corpus callosum birth concept of the number one Cambrian explosion, vastness is bearable only through love made in the interiors of collapsing stars Drake Equation tingling of the spine paroxysm of global death billions upon billions, gathered by gravity, cosmos