Make a Mars

Here’s the instructions for how to make your Mars template into a Mars globe:

Cut around the outside of the template, being careful to keep the tabs attached.

Fold along the faint grey lines that make up the triangles.

Now glue or sellotape one tab at a time.

It should slowly come together into a martian globe!

Culture hundreds of thousands across the centuries hearts of the stars? The only home we've ever known! Hearts of the stars rich in mystery rogue a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam decipherment the carbon in our apple pies another world cosmic fugue cosmos Orion's sword.

Across the centuries the ash of stellar alchemy consciousness take root and flourish, white dwarf corpus callosum birth concept of the number one Cambrian explosion, vastness is bearable only through love made in the interiors of collapsing stars Drake Equation tingling of the spine paroxysm of global death billions upon billions, gathered by gravity, cosmos